Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Janet's Blanket

Remember a few posts ago I mentioned checking the OTHER file in your Facebook Message box, well through that Tom and I discovered a cousin (very distant) of his was trying to get in touch with me.  She wanted to know if I would be able to finish a blanket her grandmother started for a great great grandchild but died before completing it.  The basket had been started in 2009. This particular grandmother would be Tom's grandfather's sister in law.  I said I would love to finish it and ship it out.

On Monday a huge box arrived, filled with the blanket in progress, the needles, the markers, another pair of needles, 5 full skeins of a Caron yarn that is no longer made and a row counter and the pattern. A quick look at the pattern and I knew it was easy peasy and I got lucky!  But I was worried about the amount of yarn left.  The yarn was held 5 strands together and knit on size 11 stitches.  After completing 3 sections I knew I would not have enough yarn to knit section 4 and the border, so I did the border and then crocheted an edging around the entire blanket to give it balance and stability and to add a little size.

Less the 24 hours after receiving the box I am ready to send it on back to Janet (who lives in California). It was truly an honor to work on a multi-generational knitting project.


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  1. Wow, five strands of yarn!

    The blanket turned out great - your solution was perfect to finish it. Nice job