Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tea Reading and Tattoos

I have a tattoo on the inside of my left arm that is a tribute to my Dad who died 22 years ago, when I was a very little girl he used to sing to me a song that went "And the green grass grew all around all around and the green grass grew all around."  Tom drew the tree and the tattoo was done by Scotty Lowe, and he added the green grass and musical notes.  I LOVE IT!!! and this from someone who was never going to get tattooed.

I have been thinking about getting one that speaks of my mother who died 20 years ago.  I am sure she imparted many many things to me but two that stand out in my memory are reading and tea.  Mom was an absolute coffee addict but when times got tough tea would calm her.

She only drank tea from special cups---

she did not want the lingering coffee flavor to taint the tea, and only pure china would do.  She always drank Tetley.

If things were a bit flush or someone gave her a gift---she would indulge in Bigelow's Constant Comment.

The orange spicy tea was just delightful.  Mom liked milk in her tea but I have always been a purest and drink my tea straight, on really stressful days I will add a smidge of honey but hardly any at all.   My all time favorite tea is Earl Grey---me and Jean Luc! we are a team!

Mom loved to read, she was voracious at it and taught me to enjoy a good book, it seems before I knew it we were reading the same books and trading bags of paperbacks and hardcovers whenever we got together so  The tattoo I want to get on my inner right arm will be a stack of books---with a cup of tea on top, and the tea tag  hanging from the cup will have a CC on it all for her.

It may not happen for a while but the plan has been made, and I look forward to it---someday


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  1. I love the stories behind your current tattoo and the one you have planned.

    Tea is by far my favorite beverage - hot any time of the year.