Monday, August 18, 2014


i have been challenged to list the items I a grateful for, and I know I will never remember to do 3 a day for a week so I am doing it all right now.

  • my parents ---without them I would not be here, though they are long gone, they are always with me
    1. my husband----44 years together 41 married, he will always be my best friend, my rock! and the love my life
    2. Debb---my eldest, my entrance into my most favorite profession Motherhood, such a delight, she taught me so much---I am so glad she is happy in Alabama although I miss her everyday.
    3. Chad--her significant other, I am so glad he could see how special our girl is and love her the way she deserves
    4. Columbia---his daughter, the sweetest young woman with just the right about of Southern sass and sparkle 
    5. Robert---my only son, a mixture of both his parents, outstanding values and a warm heart. 
    6. Kate---the woman who makes him happy, she brought the joy to eyes and I will always be grateful for that
    7. Gwen----Their eldest, the most special young lady you could ever meet, thoughtful, compassionate, studious and quick witted, she is just a delight.
    8. Meredith---their next girl, such a bundle of energy, smiles and hugs, her bubblieness is infections
    9. Jake--their son, uniquely his own person, he loves everyone and everything, he makes my heart sing
    10. Margaux--the baby---what a treasure, fast approaching her third "burrday" she is inquisitive, silly and giggly, you can't be anything but happy around her.
    11. Jeanne---our youngest, she is my bargain baby and definitely worth the bargaining I did to have a third child. she is very driven and motivated and glows when she knows she is loved.
    12. John--he is her husband, and I am thankful that the two of them are a couple, they blend so well and share so much, he is so good for her
    13. Maisie---their little girl, the cutest most adorable child you could ever see, It is so wonderful to watch her grow and develop her very own personality. 
    14. my extended family--siblings, nieces, nephews, inlaws etc----they sometimes confuse me but I know they have my back who could ask for more?
    15. my cyber friends---they get me!!! my day would be a total loss without them, I am alone a large part of the time and they always are a keyboard away
    16. knitting---you know it has to be here, i have never enjoyed any craft more, and I have tried them all,  
    17. and to go with that yarn and all the things you need to be a knitter!
    18. another one that I am sure is not a surprise ---TEA, hot cold, iced, plain, lightly sweetened, I love so many of them.  My favorite will always be EARL GREY HOT
    19. reading--I don't read as much as I used to, I replaced it with knitting, but I do try to read every day and what do I read--knitting fiction and historical romance. 
    20. and for the last and most total non-sequiter, I am grateful for butter---because everything is better with butter.         KNIT ON!!!!

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