Wednesday, September 16, 2015

apologies to facebook followers for the repeat

I  had the most bizarre morning yesterday. at breakfast  I was sitting behind a man reading the paper, while I read my Kindle. He got up to leave, handed me the paper and said "U have to read this" I do not know this man but smiled politely and figured he was talking about gas prices going down, and Christie's latest comments. I took the paper---the Star Ledger, one I do not follow online and started looking at the front page, I saw the obituaries were on page 15 and immediately knew what I was going to see.  Sure enough there it was Joan Hart! Her daughter Kathleen was my best friend all through school, she was maid of honor at my wedding, she is Debb's god mother, until 21 years ago we were best of friends. I have seen her twice in the time since then,my mother's funeral and my sister's funeral. Her mother's funeral has come and gone and I can not reciprocate, I hate that a stupid disagreement separated us all of this time, I miss Kathleen, I loved her mother as if she was my own and would have wanted to be there,Other then Mom and family Mrs. Hart was the first woman who had any influence in my life, she was my Brownie leader, she cooked me dinners, and had me spend weeks at a time at her house, she had my bridal shower at her house, she helped in the back of the church at my wedding, we had her and Mr. Hart to dinner at our apartment. She was special to me.  sometimes life just sucks. But if that man hadn't given me the paper I would still be in the dark.Everyone on facebook says I should reach out to her (kathleen)and I will send a card but I have been rebuffed so many times, Christmas's Birthdays, when our mutal friend Glen Died-- when ever I have reached out, all because I made a quilt for her 40th birthday reminding her of her life when she just wanted to forget. ---which I did not know at the time. And she picked Mom's funeral to tell me that. 

Tom is worried about his mother, she called last night, sounding very down, she wants to send me all of her knitting stuff because she is done and doesn't want it around anymore  He is worried she is giving up.  She is 86 maybe she is just tired. 

off to make a few hearts and knit a few stitches!



  1. (((Grace))) I know I don't come and read your blog nearly as often as I used to, but you are in my mind and my heart always! I'm sending some extra hugs and good healing energy to you right now.....

  2. I would send a card Grace with a short note about how much you enjoyed her mother. Do it in your memories of her mother and maybe it will soften those 20 years a bit.