Thursday, September 10, 2015

World Suicide Prevention Day

There has been a nice response to my charity and contest post, thanks to the Peyton Heart Project that featured it on their Facebook page.  Talk about location!!!

There are hundreds of free patterns out there, lots on Ravelry, lots on the PHP pages and of course google will send you in hundreds of directions. 

Last night I made 30 in about 2 hours of TV time, and I wasn't even trying that hard.  I have a fish bowl I keep small balls of scraps in and I just keep reaching in pull one out and keep going until the scrap is done, you can join colors, etc. 

 Crochet pattern is super easy, chain 4, join, chain 3 do 3 triple crochet in the hole formed when you joined chain, then do 3 double crochet, chain 1 do one more triple crochet chain one, do 3 double crochet, and then 3 triple crochet, chain 3 and slip into hole Chain 15 or so and slip back in the hole again, fastening off, super easy--

some more info about the contest since it has reached a broader scope of folks and  I am more then happy to have you all here

THE photos must be in my in box by the 9th of OCT

I asked for 20 in a photo--because 20 gives you one entry 40 gives you two etc. 

There is only one prize, I showed the choices but the prize is just the one

There is no monetary significance to the prize, it can't be traded for cash or anything other then the shawl you select.  No one is making any money but if all goes well lots of hearts will be made and distributed. 

Winner will be announced on OCT 10th and will make their choice and supply me with mailing address. 

If you need any more information PLEASE let me know---while PHP was sweet to offer its support other then being the beneficiary of the hearts that are made, they have no other involvement with this contest. 

Thanks so much  and KNIT ON!! 

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  1. Sounds like a fun project for a great cause. Where can I find the file for the tats or do I simply make my own?