Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

ten things that bring me Joy----you can see it coming can't you?  I will give you a second to ponder what my list might be,

Okay Time is Up:

  1. Knitting---ta DA  you KNEW it, and you were right, no matter who its for or what I am making I love it, in a an attempt to pray for others yesterday, including my poor husband and my friend Jen, I asked God to never take my love for knitting or the ability to do it away from me.
  2. Grandchildren----of course this one is obvious too, I was sent a promotional tee-shirt by a company recently that says "There are these people who stole my heart, they call me GIGI", they glommed the info from Facebook and thought I would be a great spokesperson for the shirt! 
  3. My husband----when he is in a good mood, which with his health issues is not as often as we would like he can be so thoughtful and considerate and go over the top to take care of me and my health issues.  I can't imagine a world without him, and I would miss his kissing! 
  4. My car----if Rob still needed it, I would gladly give it to him again, but its nice to be mobile again even if its only been days. 
  5. Rain---I love rain, one of the few, others like sun, some like snow but I love rain, nothing makes me cozier, and more content. I have been disappointed in all the storms that have missed us lately
  6. Posh Yarn-----while I love almost all yarn (even the cheap stuff) I  have a real true addiction for Posh Yarn which is only available through her site updates on Sunday afternoon, the bases, the colors, and care to detail, thrill me!
  7. I am sure you are wondering if I forgot TEA< but since I don't have blood I have tea running through my veins I could never forget TEA, iced, hot you name it I love it, Just not a big fan of berry and pomegranate teas other wise love almost all of them
  8. Dark Chocolate, the smallest bit can lift a really crappy mood, I am a semi-sweet girl all the way and prefer truffles but the new Hershey dark chocolate covered caramels are always a good choice.
  9. Looking at photographs----new ones, old ones----I just love to look at pictures of people and hear the stories behind them
  10. Last but not at all least, MY BIRTHDAY---the past few years its been a downer, 60 really sucked but life has its way of interfering and not reading the calendar.  BUT in 29 days on the 30th I have another one, and this one too is significant.  My dad passed away just before his 61st, and my mom a few months after her 61st.  I am frightened about this one but I will still celebrate and find the joy in it, come what may!!!
A few years ago, now I made cupcakes like this for everyone I knew when it was their birthday and just realized I never made myself one.  I used fun fur for the icing and it made them really pretty, no cherry (don't like cherries but that's another 10 on Tuesday.

I could go on to 100 things that bring me joy, like fresh veggies, and cinnamon, and colors, and coloring, and new coats, and reading but the theme is 10 so I leave you with  KNIT ON! 

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