Thursday, September 3, 2015


  • It is my baby brother's birthday---he is 59, I told him to enjoy every minute because the 60's suck
  • It is Tom's sister's wedding anniversary ===I think about 16 years but I am not sure.
  • My friend Susan Gagnon is collecting sock yarn scraps for a blanket if anyone has some they would like to get rid of, she just sent me a ton of acrylic for charity work so if I can gather sock scraps for her I will
  • Nancy of the blog Wyoming Breezes is having a Take and Replace Swap ---please sign up, these things are lots of fun.  I haven't done one in years But can't wait.
  • My granddaughter Margaux starts her first day of pre-K today, I can't believe she will be 4 next month. 
    (her showing dad where to go) 
  • Why does it seem that the only thing that works for a toothache is Ibuprofen, 
  • My friend Jen is in seriously bad shape, her Medicaid will run out soon and she will be moving in with her folks who are both in their 70's   She has had no progress whatsoever with her recovery from the stroke and seems to be degenerating in front of our eyes. My heart breaks for her, If you knew how vibrant she was you wouldn't believe this can happen
  • Tom seems to either have a stress fracture in a bone in his left leg or a bug bite but he refuses to go to the doctor, the man does exasperate me
  • I guess I am done!