Tuesday, September 15, 2015

tuesday this and that

The bug was particularly nasty and required a lot of time away from the computer but I am feeling better now. 

so many new friends are joining the heart making process and I can't thank them enough, remember you have until October 9th to submit pictures to get an entry    In my first post I had suggested tagging was optional but since has been clarified that it would be deeply appreciate it if you would tag them, scattering can be done at your convenience or can me sent to others to do. 

My knitting adventures have been varied,  I don't know if it was the cusp of illness or what but last week I became very discouraged with one of my boo shawls, so I frogged it.  I almost never frog but I did, and I gave the yarn away that is how unhappy I was.   The second boo shawl went to hibernate, I am just not in a Boo mood at the moment.  I did start the First Point of Libra, and Telluride and my NFL football scarf in Pittsburgh Steeler colors.  I made 100 hearts (crocheted) and have some plans for some toys. 

A lot has been going on, i am feeling pretty discouraged about things in general, I think even I need a heart.

One fun thing is that the swap box arrived where you take and replace, which I did and mailed to the next person this morning.  I indulged in some patterns and yarn and replaced with more yarn patterns and trinkets. Of course after I mailed it I feel I didn't send enough.  

Well here are some new photos of Maisie to entertain you---we miss her fiercely.. Its been over 6 weeks and she is changing so much!. 



  1. why would anyone put a kid that cute in a giants onesie?? she'd look adorable in red & gold

  2. Ugh illness, but I'm glad you're feeling better. Maisie's smile is great in all those photos. I'm sure what you put in the swap is great. Enjoy your take. I've been feeling rather moody about my own knitting/projects lately. Dunno what it is, just time to re-establish the mood I suppose. Knit happy!

  3. Oh so cute .....I think Maisie looks like you! She's going to make one ADORABLE flower girl.