Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ten on TUesday--what i did with the long weekend

mine are always so boring but they are blog fodder so I keep playing along.

  1. Tom worked late Friday night so sandwiches again!
  2. Tom worked on Saturday---said its his last side job ever, I have heard that before
  3. I knit myself a birthday cupcake!
  4. I knit a charity hat
  5. Sunday we went to breakfast, and then went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and to visit with my sister Christine and her hubby Scott.  That was a good time, and the food wasn't bad either. 
  6. I knit there and back, and then knit another hat when I got home----that made 4 for the month.
  7. Monday  Tom did laundry and we went to breakfast
  8. We stopped at Michaels to buy a gift
  9. He went to Wal-Mart for mums and planted them in the garden
  10. I Kept knitting charity hats, I will finish #6 this morning before I resume regular shawl knitting.
All in all the holiday was quiet, somewhat productive, somewhat relaxing and very very hot! 

Tomorrow I have a post about Peyton's Heart challenge, another charity project very close to my heart and one that will take mere minutes of your crafty time.  Stay tuned to see of what I speak!!


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  1. So I worked Friday - but it was Braun's day and got a hug - but Frank the guy who usually picks up stock product for the installers was on vacation so I got whiny cranky dude - no hug. Saturday I worked got home in time to watch the second halves of the Notre Dame game and the Alabama game - both teams won so I was happy. Sunday I worked, Curt grilled dinner and had the tv on pause so I could watch the race , Monday I worked, Braun's was off, no Carl hug... sadness.... he gave me an extra today though ;p