Thursday, September 17, 2015


I am a total dolt, yesterday I got out of bed, tweaked my knee----the very bad knee and haven't been the same since.  Lots of couch time, lots of knitting time but getting up to use the bathroom is obnoxiously painful.  what can you do---if it isn't one thing its Tom's mother!!! 

What am I knitting   A shawl called Telluride in an unidentified, bulky black tweed yarn sent to me by Sue Gagnon, it will be a charity shawl but I LOVE the lace pattern, an all garter shawl from Laura Aylor called First point of Libra which I like a lot, It was a MKAL   meaning mystery but I made my final choice after all the clues came out, (by the way it has a lot of black in it) and the NFL KAL for my football team whose colors are black (yup) and gold. I also have some toys for charity and my little hearts. My queue on Ravelry is growing by leaps and bounds. Everyone keeps coming out with new things and I keep thinking I must knit that. 

Another post I missed this week is what foods are you looking forward to with Autumn coming.  I have lots but with all of Tom's dietary no no's most of them won't happen.  

I will post what I miss

  1. homemade sauce and meatballs
  2. butternut squash soup
  3. crab cakes
  4. Cassoulet with beans and sausage and beer
  5. Beer
  6. Kielbasa and any type of sausage with cabbage (red or green or kraut)
  7. A dish Tom made with chicken and grapes that was so good
  8. Sushi
  9. Split Pea Soup
  10. Chili
I could order them when we go out but we rarely go out because he doesn't have a clue how the foods he orders are prepared so he would rather stay home, he can't have wine, beer, tomato, fish stocks, or any ferment sauces and who knows what they put in things. He absolutely can't have MSG and it is listed under so many pseudonyms now we have to be extra careful. 

Oh and I forgot chocolate, the only chocolate he can have is white===so no brownies, cupcakes, birthday cake (mine was always chocolate) and nuts---so no nut bread, or pumpkin bread, or cinnamon struesel with nuts or pecan anything.  

You'd think we would be skinny as nails but that truly isn't the case!!!

Oh well enough of me-----KNIT ON! 

PS  thank you for all of the kind comments to yesterday's post, a card has been sent and the attempt towards reconciliation made, but I was never the one who was angry or upset, it is all up to her now! It will never change how I felt about her or her mom!

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  1. That yarn is Red heart ...I think supersaver tweed. Hope all is well, dad is in the hosp so i'm on the fly...take care of that knee...I have a pull on elastic ace brand knee brace with the knee cap cut out for my knee.