Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Contest Update

Just a wee bit of an update to let you know that I have hundreds of entries, I have tried to respond to all of them but I am not sure I did.  I do appreciate that you are all being so generous with your time and craft and helping this worthy cause. I usually make my hearts and send them to Morristown NJ ready to be distributed to those who can get out and physically do the job.  Today I placed my first heart myself while I was out ===can't wait to see if it makes it to a Facebook post. There is still time to enter, every picture of 20 that you email me (needles54@optonline.net) gets you an entry into the contest.  If you are the lucky winner you will have a choice of 3 shawls that are pictures on the September 9th post. 

Coming one week from tomorrow-once a birthday slut, always a birthday slut! 

I tweaked my knee last Wednesday, I noticed last night and today it is finally starting to improve, it allows me to put a little more weight on it which is a good thing.  Especially since the husband left the kitchen a disaster after last night's dinner and I have to go tackle it, but first some knitting time ---it has waited this long!!


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