Sunday, April 5, 2015

health update

hi---been a while, but its been a rough week, realized last Monday I couldn't do this sick thing on my own, called my sister, she called an ambulance and by 3 PM was in the ER, was admitted --after a cat scan, chest xray and tons of blood work made it to my room in telemetry (monitored) by 10 PM with pneumonia, Tuesday was a wash, could not tell you what went on, wednesday was told I was improving and promptly responded by having a heart attack. Back to bed, tons of medicines doctors, noise etc. Came home about 4 yesterday afternoon, slept about 10 of the first 12 hours home, still very tired and maybe a bit depressed and discouraged. And no knitting has not occurred between IV's in both arms and very little coherent thinking I have not even thought about it have TOm screening phone calls etc, talking on the phone is a measure in futility for me as I get very hoarse quickly and have much difficulty breathing, Happy Easter to you all

Knit On---someday

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