Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ten Totally Random Thoughts for Ten on Tuesday

No more at home nursing care----I have mixed emotions, it was nice having someone stop in and check my vitals and the company was pleasant too but the insurance company said enough is enough. Now if my lungs would get the hint and start behaving I would be golden

Being outdoors this year is a big plus, loving the freedom of just walking out the front door and sitting outside, who knows what will happen when summer comes and kids are out of school but right now it is quiet and just plain nice

Tom is gardening---he has a nice big spot to play with and he is taking advantage, he put in a new rose bush, pansies and marigolds and rosemary, thyme, basil and parsley. We still have sage that keeps re wintering, and two other rose bushes, he still has room for more

Adult Color Books---love them, both of us do, we have Johanna Basford's best selling Secret Garden and her newest the Enchanted Forest.  Really enjoying being creative although the artist Tom is much better then I. 

Foxes----I am currently obsessed with knitting them (and coloring them) ----don't have a clue why, but I put a bunch  of Fox patterns on my Wish List on Ravelry because I want to make more.

Chicken and Waffles----last night I just had to have them, so we went to the diner and I ordered a Belgian Waffle and an order of chicken fingers, Combine them with some butter and syrup and it was really delicious. 

Another food obsession is cold cereal----the eggs in the hospital were some of the worst I had ever tried to eat, absolutely horrible, so cold cereal and yoghurt were the only other option so now for lunch almost every day I have Honey Nut Cheerios with fresh fruit.   I still need eggs for breakfast, so I eat two breakfasts every day. 

Connection----Tom and I have always felt deeply connected, even through the rough spots.  One night last week he called on his way home and we discussed dinner, After we hung up I thought I should have told him to get me some black and white cookies (entenmanns are the best) but I didn't want to call him back while he was driving.  When he came in with the groceries, right on top of the bag ---the cookies.  Then again on Sunday, we talked about dinner and I said get whatever, I would be happy with chicken or pork. In the back of my head I was thinking of Ree Drummonds Crash Hot potatoes, but again just didn't want to persuade him into something he might not be interested in.   He came home and started cooking, I didn't even ask him what he decided on, I knew it would be good.  When he brought me my dinner it had chicken tenders cooked in lemon and olive oil, carrots and Crash Hot Potatoes----that man knows me too well. 

I was very surprised last night to find out I knew a song Tom had never heard of.  "It's all about that Base"---I hardly listed to music, he ALWAYS has the radio on, and he had never heard it before. 

I don't have a clue what to suggest for dinner tonight. I know he will call soon but my mind is a total blank, I know not chicken,  Two nights in a row was enough. There are so many foods he can not eat because of his BPH---spaghetti being one or I would request that. 


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  1. If you like chicken and waffles - you MUST, MUST MUST MUST MUST come with me to the Hibernia Diner!! It's right off exit 37. They renovated and reopened on Tuesday. Best chicken and waffles north of the Carolinas!!!