Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten Things I did last Week

This is the theme of the week----I wonder if I can come up with 10 other then the obvious, eat drink and sleep  and of course knit and watch Young and the Restless. But I will give it a try!!!

  1. Ordered Tom's birthday gifts---he will be 63 this Thursday and since he does not read my blog it is safe to tell you I got him a HUGE box of Lindt White Chocolate Truffles
    and Star Trek Voyager Season 2, I have my eye on a large rosemary plant too, next door to the diner I go too and if it is there Thursday I will pick up that too. 
  2. Ordered new summer curtains for the living room and dining room---nice and white, should let in lots of light, with the winter ones still up it looks dark and dingy in here. 
  3. I rearranged some of the knick- knacks and framed photos in the living room and dining room trying to make it look a bit more airy. 
  4. I actually returned to the land of doing dishes, while I was sick,
    Tom took over this too but since I am definitely feeling better I got my hands wet, and did some dirty dishes. 
  5. Finished a shawl, got caught up on my charity knitting etc but more on all of that tomorrow. 
  6. Went out to dinner twice with Tom ---that was nice, definitely makes a person feel more human, we went out last night too (just to the diner---nothing extravagant --less then 20$) but that is this week not last week. 
  7. Tried some new rooibos tea my cousin Lori sent me, She sent several samples and they both brewed the perfect pots of tea,  I really enjoyed them but noticed they don't sell them online.
  8. I boxed up Gwen's birthday gifts, but Tom hasn't been home to mail it yet, waiting on line in the post office is not on my list of current strengths. 
  9. I took less naps but I still went to bed fairly early. Falling asleep is not very hard but staying asleep is. 
  10. I fell in Love with Ed Sheeran and his song--"Kiss me under a Thousand Stars", just wonderful and fits Tom and I so well. 
Wow I did it  I came up with 10 things!!!! 



  1. Brava!! Ten beautiful things. Glad you are up and moving a bit.

  2. Lindt white chocolate truffles.....I never leave Joann Fabrics without two.....one for each hip. I stay balanced that way. These are on my list of mmmmm lately.


    1. they look outstanding I am a dark chocolate girl all the way!!!