Monday, April 6, 2015

we all pee---except Mom!

mom---you think of that lovely special woman who is either beaming from ear to ear because she is so proud of you --her special off spring or she has that scowl that clearly says  "What did you do", which ever she is Mom, Always perfect, always there and always full of love.

after all, she gave birth to you---the first little darling didn't want to come out, so we will use the salad spoons (forceps) and we just may have knicked up your bladder a bit in the process.  The second special delivery decides he wants to enter the world feet first trampling over everything that gets in his way including your bladder and our third precious bundle decides your bladder is such the perfect pillow that she will hibernate in your womb and be 5 weeks post gestational or very very late.

the years go by---a laugh here, oops a trickle, a cough there, okay maybe that was a gusher, You and those pads you swore you would never wear again become re-acquainted and you discreetly hide your problems from the rest of the world.

In the blink of an eye you are 60---how can that be????Your precious ones have little ones of their own so they now know Pee happens.  One day you are admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, that ever wrenching coughing that reaches all the way to the bottom of your feet. You are doing everything necessary to get better and get out of this place and you have a heart attack, nothing is going right, Visiting hours are going on, hubby is there and daughter #2 and you cough and cough and flood everything, you are mortified as you try to get to the bathroom and an aide comes to change the bed. In what you are sure is hours but is really only minutes the nurse stands triumphantly with dirty sheets and pads, the patient is tucked fresh and clean in the bed, the husband looks on thinking I can use this the next time she complains about my farting and the daughter is thinking, maybe one child is enough, do I want this to happen to me and in walks the son.  He who commands the attention of the entire room just by being, and he didn't have to see that his mother pee's---until someone notices the trickle from the bed to the bathroom door!

Everyone Pees.


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  1. Glad I had one who cooperated....

    Feel better!