Friday, April 10, 2015

My world Right Now

savoring:  the one glass of caffeine tea I am allowed these days
watching:  I get out of bed to watch the soaps, and some TV with Tom each evening, I missed the DoveKeepers while I was in the hospital and I had been looking forward to it 
reading:  Still on RaeAnne Thayne's Cowboys of Cold Water Creek Series   On book 12 and have one more after that. 
knitting: An orange bird for my granddaughter Gwen who was 13 last Saturday. Which bird was up to me so I chose Bob the Blue Footed Booby, in 2 shades of orange, yellow and a variegated with orange in it. I am also starting Boo Knits Changeling and still working on the Noro Circular Shawl (although to be honest it has been a few weeks since I did anything on it)
wearing: An over sized black big shirt and black and grey flannel lounge pants, its all about comfort but yes I do have on a bra! 
choosing: Yarns from stash for the Boo Changeling and beads for the lace section

enjoying:  the quietness compared to the hospital but I miss the companionship of having people checking on me, monitoring me and taking care of me
processing: the fact that no matter how sick you get real life goes on and I have to pay bills and finish up the taxes today so Tom can mail it all tomorrow. 
anticipating:  a visit from Miss Maisie and her folks this Sunday as we celebrate Easter a bit late. 



  1. Glad you're on the mend! Have been keeping tabs from over here in the Mitt.

  2. If you're up to knitting that's forward prgress!!!!

    Enjoy your visit with Maisie~

  3. I'm praying for your complete healing. I have learned to enjoy decaf teas like Tazo Calm. Keep on knitting!!