Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ten on Tuesday---10 every day delights

what a great topic and so appropriate for a person who suddenly finds themselves taking a moment to smell the flowers and truly appreciate the life around her. 

  1. Flowers---i have never ever seen a flower that hasn't made me smile, if I could do one thing it would be to purchase a new bunch every week just to always have them around me
  2. Tea-
    ----I just adore Tea, hot cold iced, black, green white and rooibos.  I wasn't put on any caffeine restrictions after the heart incident but I usually confine my self to one black tea in the morning, and then rooibos, herb or decaf for the rest of the day.  I have these huge Christmas mugs that I use all year round and usually combine flavors to come up with my own concoctions. Then I have my pretty mugs for that savory small cuppa that I enjoy when times are a wee bit tense.
  3. My mugs,  some are floral, some are knitting related ---I just love them and wish I still had this mug rack that I had back in the late 80's early 90's.  It was an old carpet sample case which held one mug in each cubicle beautifully---I also had a second one, twice the size that held my collection of knick knacks
  4. My yarn stash----just pawing through it makes me smile, I love discovering something I forgot I bought , I love knitting with quality yarns on quality needles, patterns that are well written yet challenging.  It is the highlight of my day
  5. My Kindle---I love that I can keep buying books (and sometimes getting them free) and not have to worry about were to put them when I am done. I have had it for 3 years now and use it every blessed day. Its a basic one, no bells and whistles but I have the computer for all of that, and in this day and age where we keep buying bigger and bigger TV's why would I want to watch on one the size of a 5 by 7 note card?
  6. Chocolate--
    --I don't eat a lot of it but that one savory, sweet dark chocolate bite makes everything better, and if I get to combine it with tea I am in my own special heaven.
  7. Maisie----she just makes us smile so much our cheeks hurt, she is the sunshine in our lives and one of the easiest things to find delight in, even my curmudgeon of a husband turns to jelly with just a glance at one of her photos.
  8. My faux fur throw that Tom gave me for Christmas, it is so soft and so indulgent, even when I am not cold I want it close so I can stroke it, he has bought me many many gifts in the 45 years we have been together but this is one of the Top 5.
  9. A husband that willingly and lovingly cooks,  for a while I felt guilty that he worked all day and then came home and cooked but cooking for him is like knitting for me----his stress buster of the day.
  10. An apartment with no stairs, I really love this place, noisy neighbor aside, thank goodness she works so it isn't always noisy, I can truly function easier here and that is a delight everyday. 


  1. It is good to hear your talking about smiling! I hope it means you are recovering and taking care of yourself. You and I have the same feeling about our Kindles and especially those free books! I would give up the TV and even my computer before I would give up my Kindle.

    Prayers are with you. Keep healing and knitting Grace.

  2. Yay for little happies!!!!

    Can't do cut flowers here though ---- I just can't shake the thought they are already dead once cut.....