Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It is Wednesday so its Knitting

I am working on a shawl called Changeling by Boo---it has 4 colors and an annoying 3 X 3 stitch, I thought at first it was because I didn't have lace needles that it challenged me but I got them and its still giving me fits and starts, its all in shades of purple and it will be beautiful but for me it is dragging.
To off set the misery I made a mat for my dining room table in cotton and crochet

I also made an adorable little fox, they truly intrigue me as I mentioned yesterday. He still needs eyes and a nose.

And I made a vest called Plain Vest by Pickles

also on the needles, a table runner started last January, a shawl Morticia started last August, a shawl called Madison started in March and the Noro circular shawl started in March, I call it Noro  but is is actually in Queensland llama, it just came from the Noro book


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  1. cute vest!!! why no picture of the troublesome project??