Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I was thinking this morning about what to post, I was on the way home from the diner, and thinking about how just going there for an hour everyday makes the day better.  I am and always have been a loner, I make great use of time spent alone, but as I have gotten older I find that isn't always so.  My depressions sets in deeper and quicker on the days that I don't hear from anyone.

Now at the diner I have many acquaintances, people I see every day at about the same time because we have a similar breakfast routine.  we nod or say hello--just the pleasantries, and if one of us is missing for a while inquiries are sometimes made.  There is an older couple, Heather and Kathleen, Heather's kids, Henry and Peter, the crossword puzzle guy and the tow truck driver.  Every Wednesday there are the group of old men, who have been friends since high school and every 4th Thursday the group of old ladies, then there are the waitresses Jen and Maryellen and Lorena, the bus boy Azzie, and the owners Johnny or Jimmy.  They all play an important roll in my emotional well being,

But then you get the one person, the person who wants to be your best friend, that starts talking to you while you read your book and eat your meal, who want to give you advice and are only happy if you are miserable.  It is enough to make you stay home. Anxiety strikes every time you pull into the parking lot wondering if they will be there.  I am very non-aggressive and I don't know how to deal with this, I usually run and find a new place to eat, but I have exhausted the ones I am comfortable at. It is very hard for me to stand in the kitchen and make breakfast for myself or I would give up the camaraderie and stay home but that isn't going to help my mental well being.


Pictures of the Valentine Heart babies I made for my sister Christine.


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  1. you forgot breakfast with me!!!!!

    I can always beat them up for you, you know!!!

    but then,.... knowing you... you'd never go back...