Monday, February 16, 2015


Our weekend started on Friday---Tom took the day off, so we went to breakfast together. He had a few odds and ends he had to take care of, but made a wonderful salmon dinner with veggie studded quinoa. it was truly delicious. Our noisy neighbor was the center point of the evening. 

On Saturday he had to go pick up carpet for a friend's side job, came home and got me and we had breakfast together, then he went off to do the job.  I spent the day knitting, we did share valentines earlier in the day and noisy neighbor was the background noise of the day. For dinner that night he made a very rich homemade white pizza with mushrooms onions and red peppers. 

On Sunday he got up early and did the laundry, then came home and made Dutch Baby with strawberries and syrup and sausages, It was delicious.  All the noise from upstairs neighbor previous to  today was just a prelude. OH. MY. GOD.  The noise was unreal, of course Tom napped all day through it and I cried sitting in my Barcolounger.  I really hate noise, I have since 1987 when I was laying in bed with the mumps and my kids were watching Top Gun over and over again in the next room really loudly, it totally unnerves me, so everyone including Tom tells me to deal with it by turning up the volume on the TV or music and that just makes me more unglued.  I don't know how to adapt to this;;;;and  I know I am heading to a nervous breakdown.  Saturday night, she and lover boy literally woke us both up and we think they were moving furniture, Last night she had the family over and when they were leaving at 9:30 one of them dropped something very heavy down the stair well, That woke Tom up from his slumber ---and they laughed and laughed.  Now I must weigh twice what this woman does and I can walk around the apartment and not make a sound, she is a heel stomper.

For dinner Tom made his own sausage into meatballs, with cheese gnocchi (also scratch made) and sauteed apples. While good it wasn't my favorite of the weekends dishes.  He had also made me my favorite comfort food for lunch, a dish I invented when I was 12.  

My weekend knitting was frustrating, I had started a shawl called Tuscany from the book NO SHEEP FOR YOU in a bamboo yarn that I have from Saki Yarn, The yarn is gorgeous but is self striping and it just did not work for the shawl, Now I really want to make the shawl and I really want to use the yarn but I will have to find alternatives for each. I found another great pattern this morning  DROPPED AND FOUND  its free on Ravelry  check it out!/

Now for the cutie of the year, one photo in a hat I made her for Valentine season and the other in her holiday gear!!!


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