Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Time Periods You Would Visit If You Had a Hot Tub Time Machine!

of course the idea is to list 10===I just don't know if I have that many periods in time I would like to visit

  • I would have loved to have been part of Queen Elizabeth the First's court. Preferably a Lady in Waiting and not a scullery maid. 
  • I would have enjoyed experiencing the Gatsby era, the parties, the dancing --all the frivolity. 
  • Maybe a member of the Pharoah's court so I could see the pyramids actually being built. 
  • The future as depicted in Star Trek: The Next Generation--no longer a need for money, replicators provide your hearts desire and health care is not only universal but inter galactic!just eliminate the Borg
  • An old fashioned British Tea with Queen Victoria.
That is about all I can come up with--I don't want to visit wars, or massacres, I don't want to be a part of discovery, If push came to shove I have been born right when I should have been, its what works for me.


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  1. Let's see:

    1. Meet Leonardo
    2. the Incas building Machu Pichu (or however you spell that)
    3. the library at Alexandria before it burned
    4. Watch them do the tile work on the Taj Mahal
    5. the building of that castle that starts with an N in Romania
    6. Meet Aristotle and Euclid in Greece
    7. Seen the hanging gardens of Babylon
    8. Meet Oppenheimer and Feynman in the 40's
    9. See the terraforming of Mars
    10. See if we've destroyed this planet in a thousand years..

    Most of my time travel would require some kind of translator thing as well.