Thursday, February 12, 2015

This and that and the other thing!

things are louder here today, the lady upstairs is home and the stereo is going,  It was supposed to be snowing but so far it is not so I did go out for a while. 

we, sadly, have had a series of acquaintances and old friends pass away recently, one was my favorite teacher back in school, Dr, Frank Calabria, another was a worker at a restaurant we have enjoyed in the past, Bruce, third is my brother in law Bob's best friend, Paul  and we just learned that our favorite maintenance man and neighbor Joe died on Monday----Joe was only 48 and has been battling cancer for a while, yet we saw him working just last week.  His wife to is ill with recurring Breast Cancer.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them all. 

Below are some of the projects on the front of my queue,  I am still plodding along on the lace edged baby blanket, and the table runner but these are calling my names (all available on Ravelry)

 this is the circular shawl in the new Noro Lace book   I actually have yarn for this one
This is Blanketflower and I have the yarn for this too a pink gradient from Apple Tree Yarns it will be my dining room table cover 
This is the Final Straw by Helen Bingham --a designer I favor, I have lovely Rowan Felted Tweed for this 
and this is zickzack  which is a free pattern, It calls for Lang Colore Mille Baby---which I don't have so I have to decide to take the plunge and buy it or see if I can find something in stash!!!

Of course my list changes all the time  ----but these are my faves at the moment!


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