Monday, February 23, 2015


Nothing exciting at all---Tom worked all day Saturday and yesterday we did nothing except have breakfast out and watch golf, we were supposed to visit Maisie but cancelled when the weather looked terrible, of course it was a gorgeous day and here we sat.

I have been working on this month's charity hats, and Tom wound a bunch of yarn for me, I think a severe case of startitis is coming on.  I tried to get a dr. appt for today since Tom is home to go with me but the medicaid doctor who is assigned to me, decided not to have hours today, they have the worst staff I have ever ever encountered.  Downright nasty.

Right now, Tom went to the bank and post office and to visit a friend, then he will do laundry this afternoon.  I get to clean up the place and then knit.

we didn't watch the oscars, we haven't seen any of the films and just don't give a hoot, we didn't watch Daytona =Tom is more a dragster, funny car fan, we don't go out to eat because of his special diet. Grrr we are turning into boring old geezers!!!

Oh well off to get things done!!!


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  1. I want a day off where I can do nothing but stay at home!!!!!!!!

    I'm jealous of your boring!!!

    I hate restrictor plate racing! I watched, but seriously, Tony is cursed in this race!!