Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

  • Valentine's have been put away and Shamrocks are up.  I was going to make my St. Pat's decorations but then I went to Michael's for something for the front door and found all these foam shamrocks that worked for cheap. I brought them home, poked holes in them and strung green yarn through them.  VIOLA!!!
  • I started the Final Straw---its a shawl/scarf from Helen Bingham, in the description she talks about acronyms but it doesn't make sense to me, "

 I am a positive person so even though the name of the pattern has a negative connotation it’s acronyms are positive.There are eight color segments which are named after the positive acronyms. Each color segments has three sections made up of stockinette stitch, eyelets and stripes.    "      Oh well I like the pattern and its a lovely knit in Rowan Felted Tweed. 

  • I am enjoying my daytime drama  THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, its Feb sweeps month and there is tons of action happening, on the soap forums people are complaining, I don't get it---why watch if you have to analyze everything, its fun to have something be just pure entertainment. 

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  1. There are people with their Christmas lights still on!! I mean I know with the snow and ice it may not be possible or prudent to take them down - but for christ's sake unplug them!! I don't get the acronym either - can't wait to see your's. Enjoy your show, don't listen to those people. Some people have to complain about EVERYTHING. OMG htat means she's turning 1!! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!