Wednesday, February 4, 2015

more about the dress

Remember a couple of weeks ago I talked about the Christening Gown  my sister Christine made, well there is more to the story then I originally believed.

my sister Christine came for a visit, she came down to bring me a piece of furniture and then we three went to breakfast, we were talking about the Christening gown she made for Maisie and we had falsely assumed all the embroidery (celtic cross, shamrocks and her M) were machine done, but she actually did them by hand

She showed us photos of how she drew the concept up of hearts and shamrocks, and then transferred it onto the Irish Linen, she then used two types of crochet thread to get the effect that she wanted.  She estimated that it took 24 hours to do the embroidery without the hat, and all total she worked on the outfit from the day after Christmas until the 2nd of January.  I am amazed, although I should not be Christine has always been an avid seamstress and is an excellent crafter. But to combine all that while recovering with a busted ankle, the holidays, her job as the superintendent of schools and preparing for a trip to California---well she just blows me away!!! 

Knit ON!

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  1. That's amazing ( recovering from a broken ankle implies a lot of couch time.... I don't have the patience!