Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

first and foremost  Happy Anniversary Curtis and Ria!!!

next on my mind is this stupid (MHO) Victoria Secret swimsuit show tonight at 10 on channel 2.  Wonder what the viewing rating numbers will be, they couldn't find a rerun to fill the hour, even DH said he wouldn't have any desire to see it. 

Then we have the final episode of TWO AND A HALF MEN----for the most part, I love it, Walden has come to grow on me, but Alan is/was a bit over the top this past season. He was having too much fun playing a gay man! But in all the rememberings about Charlie, he all of a sudden became a big drug user which you never saw in the 8 years he was on the show.  The future scene was terrific, Jake coming back for a visit was fun, and Arnold Schwarzenager was so funny as the police. 

Another bee in my bonnet so to speak this week is all the folderol on Ravelry about a new Jersey based company called Cozmeena.  They are on Facebook----the woman who runs the company is being taken to task for many different things but from what I can see she is doing nothing wrong. She is not claiming to raise money for cancer, she is not saying she makes the yarn she sells, she IS providing comfort and a level of ease to those who wish to take part, and that is the key----they want to take part, if you don't don't but lets keep it civil folks.  She has not come and ripped the money out of your pocket.  NBC news even did a clip on her the other day.  I don't have the funds to take part right now, and even though I could reverse engineer the shawl and buy my own yarn, I won't until I can buy a kit from her. 

I may have mentioned him before, but if you like looking at babies, check out Dr. Bob, I just adore seeing the photos he posts of the babies he has delivered in the hats he has knit!!!

These are all my opinions and not really open for debate, if you don't agree that is fine ---its just what is on my mind!!


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