Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things I Love:

  1. I love Tom---we met 45 years ago this March, this is our 44th Valentines together. 
  2. I love My Children and Grandchildren---the best presents I have ever received
  3. I love Knitting----it truly centers me for 89 % of the time, I have been fighting a stronger bout of depression and even knitting isn't cutting it right now
  4. I love cookies----all kinds, any time, anywhere. Especially with my next love, Yes you guessed it
  5. I love Tea---hot cold lukewarm iced, mostly black--roobois--and some decafs
  6. I love Golf---I love watching golf on TV, we watched Torrey Pines this weekend, ohhhh how I would love to go there
  7. I love the YOUNG AND ThE RESTLESS---I have watched this day time drama since it began in 1973, Peter Bergman and Doug Davidson are the best. 
  8. I love Roses----all flowers are wonderful but roses will always be my favorite
  9. I love Breakfast----it is my favorite meal of the day! I enjoy it out or when someone else cooks it for me at home.
  10. I love my computer---it keeps me connected, since I truly dislike telephones. 

1 comment:

  1. let's see... 1. curt, 2. the Angie, 3. my brother, 4. coffee, 5. tony, 6. the 49ers, 7. dark ale 8. knitting 9. my garden 10. Braun's

    but breakfast with you is priceless!!