Thursday, March 26, 2015

Contemplative Thursday Musings

Remembering: All the reasons I am annoyed with THomas right now, first he snapped at me over being under the weather first thing yesterday morning, then he is very remiss about getting the mail from the stand alone set of boxes at the end of the hill by our apartment so they took it all back to the post office, and thirdly he told me he could pick it up Friday because he chose to take Friday off. Then this mornings' comment was I better call the doctor because he isn't putting up with me being sick like a few month's ago. So go to work and then you won't have too.

Blowing: my nose. And trying hard not to swallow because my throat is that SORE>

Reading: A cowboy cozy by RaeAnne Thayne book 5 in the Cold Water Creek Series

Celebrating:the arrival of our brand new water cooler from Poland Spring, hopefully no more lugging cases of water bottle for Tom or tons of empties!

Watching: Y & R and looking forward to the Dove Keepers

Listening: rain pelting the living room window

Knitting: Three different shawls, one with cables, one circular, one with a mesh body, a table runner (still) and thinking about some animals for my grandchildren

Planning: Easter dinner. Pot Roast at daughter's request, mashed potato, carrots, mushrooms onions and lemon meringue pie, maybe apple's foster too for my husband and son in law

Learning: to be grateful for what I have and to stop acting impulsively.

Wondering: When we will be able to go to Alabama to see Debb and if we can afford to go to the shore too, its been several years.

Seeking: Restock for my stash, wish I had a better on-hand supply of fingering weight solids for stuffies and other odds and ends.

Anything going on by you?

Knit On~

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  1. Trying ... to finish something before starting a bunch of things!!!!!