Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesdays are for Knitting

Little back story----my family is part Irish---and it stands out, we all look Irish and so do my children. My mother's maiden name is Mulholland, it is a town in Ireland --just like my dad's name was Schweer and there is a town of said name in Germany.  My youngest Jeanne has truly embraced her Irish culture and has been to Ireland (lucky girl) twice, once when she graduated college and then on her honeymoon.  Turns out her Hubby is also of Irish descent. Where else would they go.  

A souvenir Jeannie came home with from the first trip was an Irish Aran Fisherman's cardigan ----so when Maisie was born last year the day before St. Patrick's Day I decided for her first birthday Grandma would knit her her own Fisherman's Cardigan BUT I hate cables.  I challenged myself to learn how to do them and how to love them.  I started with her Valentine's hat and the cabled heart.  Then in total secret I moved on to the cardigan, I did not even tell Tom because if I failed it would be my own failure, without solicitous feelings or lectures on you can do it.  I did do it, I achieved an entire cardigan in cables and bobbles.  I made an 18 month size I used a lovely Aran yarn and Maisie got to model it on Sunday. 

I am quite proud of my achievement, and am on my third large cable project of the year, 



  1. Wow, nice job, Grace -- and what a beautiful model, too! :-)

  2. There is no such thing as failure at knitting!! Everything can be frogged- except really crappy yarn which should be tossed - or used for stuffing!!

    The sweater is perfect on her! Now you need to make a size 4 for her to grow into..... evil laugh -

    Don't you just love cables now??