Thursday, March 12, 2015

THursday Thoughts

Noisy neighbor is home today---and right now she is laughing hysterically on the phone, sounds like she is right here in the room with me. 

I told you yesterday that I would talk about our visit with Maisie on Tuesday.  Visit #11 since she was born 51 weeks ago. 

Jeannie and Johnny like any first time parents are struggling with their jobs and raising an ever changing little girl.  Maisie was diagnosed at birth with hip displasia and has been in a brace basically all of her life.  She has learned to sit up, crawl, stand do all of things babies do despite this rigid hard plastic brace that swaddles her hips and upper legs. But recently it really inhibits her sleep, she will be out like a light, and want to turn over and the brace inhibits her, so sleeplessness has been ocurring, then coupled with the tummy bug she picked up at day care and cutting her upper teeth she has been miserable. 

To complicate matters even more--John was asked to go on his first business trip ever, oh he could turn it down but you know how that goes, they remember those things, so They decided he should go and he left Sunday afternoon.  Well Maisie isn't happy and now no one is happy.  Mama gets no sleep, everytime she lies her down she cries hysterically to the point of throwing up. Jeannie on occasion can work from home and she tried Monday but Maisie wasn't having it, after the second sleepless night she asked us Tuesday to come help (I know she did this because she knew her dad was home--with my mobility issues I am no help whatsoever.) So we flew up to Poughkeepsie.  Tom carried Maisie around everywhere (she adores him) they laughed and played, Jeannie got some of her work done, and a nap, while we kept the little manipulator busy.  She is too smart and knows what she wants and when she wants it. But we love her to pieces.And before we left Jeannie found Maisie had cut an upper tooth through, that makes 3 total.   Around 5:30 one of her friends came over to keep her company so we headed home. For the first time ever she cried when we left and came crawling over to me at record breaking speed shaking her head no----to much seperation anxiety in her little life,   

Yesterday she got Maisie up--took her to day care and went to the doctors herself, Jeannie has a middle ear infection, and then she went to work.  Sure enough around 2 she gets a call Maisie threw up you have to come get her---it takes 45 minutes to get there. So another afternoon and evening of restlessness, and unhappiness. John is due home tomorrow, I am hoping Maisie is going through a growth spurt and her regular routines return as soon as her life settles down.  98% of the time she is happy and infectious but when she gets crabby watch out. 

And we were in such a hurry to get there I grabbed the knitting I never even touched and forgot the camera. 



  1. Awwww...poor Maisie .....AND her mom. Hope things settle down soon. She is such a cutie pie.