Monday, March 2, 2015


I truly wish I had something exciting to tell, something that yells, this is why I read Grace's blog but alas it is same old same old.  Tom had been home Friday---we are facing a time of slow down again---15,000 different reasons, no one is in the stores buying, bad weather in the south stops production and shipping, on and on. So not only Friday but today tomorrow and Wednesday, he is suffering from a really nasty head cold so it maybe a good thing.  Saturday he had worked and I was left with the task of amusing myself on a day without soap stories.  I broke down and watched Frozen---I smiled from beginning to end, I love it and it was based on my favorite of my Lenox Legendary Princess' the SNOW QUEEN, this had escaped me prior to watching it. Thomas made his excellent fish tacos for dinner that night. 

Our usual Sunday of Golf was very messed up because of all the rain at the Honda Classic in Florida but we watched some and other inane programs.  We had been up late Saturday night dealing with the noisy neighbor and up early again for the same reason. This week is rent week so a nicely, strongly worded letter will be included reminding the management of the clause that says the upstairs apartments MUST be carpeted before the rentee moves in, which this one has obviously not done. Culinary delights for Sunday involved spaghetti and meatballs for me (he can't eat tomato any longer) and a calzone for him, that he made himself.  Of course with this cold he hasn't been able to taste a thing. 

And knitting has been going on, I am still working on The Final Straw and I started Boo Knit's Mustard seed.  I must admit that earlier in the week the yarn I am using for Boo's was being knit into a shawl called Sandalo but it kept nagging me that it wanted to be Mustard Seed. Tom keeps asking me when I am going to start the big Noro circle, soon Tom very soon. 

this is knit by

So our weekend ended not much differently then any other, we are okay right now as  long as this work shortage stays temporary but if it goes on too long the problems of a year and two ago will return. I pray that does not happen. 

I  miss my children and grandchildren and sometimes we wonder why we stay in New Jersey, but it is all we know. 

Knit on!!! 

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