Thursday, March 5, 2015

thursday doings

Watching ...NJ12 news  it is on a loop so it gets crazy---I would prefer silence but tom is home because of the snow
Reading ...Rae Anne thayne's Cold Creek Series, on book 2 of many,,,,,

Knitting ...same old same old, maybe I will break down and cast on something new 
Dreading ....Tom's lack of a paycheck this week---but this too shall pass
Listening to... plows working on the driveway
Thinking about I have to start the taxes soon.
Celebrating ...Maisie will be one on the 16th and Tom and I met 45 years ago on the 20th.
Planning ...knitting projects

Itching to ..take a warm weather destination vacation
Drinking ...a lovely cup of Earl Grey and a glass of cold water.

Needing to ...make a doctor appointment 
Organizing ...absolutely nothing---the move has helped keep things in check for now.
Inspired by daily visits to Ravelry just to see what others are knitting. 
Delighted by ...Tom's ability to cook wonderful meals even if he does not always enjoy what he makes. 


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