Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ten favorite Cheeses

Ten on Tuesday's meme today is about 10 favorite cheeses.  Cheese and I have a love/ hate relationship, when I was a child I only liked America---and that I only like alone or in a grilled cheese sandwich.  I have never enjoyed cold cheese on a sandwich with two minor exceptions---I enjoy provolone on an Italian sub, and I like mozzerella on chicken or ham sandwiches with roasted red peppers.

I do love cheese now, but Tom is limited as to which he can eat, he can't eat aged cheese as it is very high in tyramine levels---which means increased prostrate growth and ER trips for a catheter, its easier to avoid cheese.

Some of our favorites have included:

  1. Swiss---nutty and an absolute favorite snacking cheese
  2. Wispride Spreadable Cheddar---I prefer it without the wine and do still snack on this a few times a week
  3. Homemade ricotta  super easy to make and the best there is
  4. Mozzarella---even though buffalo is the best even the plain old everyday solid block can taste pretty good
  5. Romano/Parmesan   who could think of pasta without it.
  6. Muenster--I have always enjoyed this especially over a burger
  7. Ricotta Salata---just a great snacking cheese.
  8. Cream Cheese----you can make it savory, you can make it sweet----how versatile can you get.
  9. Cheddar---a staple I miss since its usually aged although we do sneak in some jack cheeses into our diet,they aren't aged as long
  10. Feta---but only cold, I don't like it in cooked foods like omelets. But give me a Greek salad, or fish taco's and yummmmmmo!
A cheese I can't stand is Asiago----it just doesn't taste right to me, but Tom has always loved it and before we knew he shouldn't eat it he put it in everything well I finally had to speak up because I just wasn't enjoying anything he cooked.  For him it is goat cheese---which I enjoy a lot. He doesn't care for the tang!

And this ends  our tour through Cheeseville today.

Knit On!!!

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  1. I love cheese!! Everything EXCEPT American which is pretty much tasteless to me. So I never use/buy it - the Angie grew up with cheddar where most kids had american and a lot of the stronger cheeses so she hates american even more - to her it tastes like congealed slime. She loves the gourmet cheese shops with all the never heard of cheeses imported. When she first moved out of the dorm she wanted a slate cheese board for Christmas (you should have seen the set her grandfather got her (rolls eyes) Anyway - also Love Love Love Looney tunes Cartoons and Pinky and the Brain came out when the Angie was little - she still sings this song when shopping for cheese!