Monday, March 23, 2015


Yeah for us, we actually did something----Saturday was the usual bust, Tom had to work and I had to wait until the maintenance people cleaned up the snow before I could go anywhere----then I just came home and knitted the afternoon away---some Star Trek Next Generation in the evening and that was our Saturday, but Sunday---oh what a Sunday

We spent it with Maisie.   We were excited all the way there, couldn't stop smiling the whole time we were with her and are still smiling now. She is just incredible.  She can operate her mother's smart phone---looking for her song, she knows what the TV remote is for, she has ways of letting you know everything she wants.  IF she says mamama over and over it usually means she wants something, cheerios, picked up whatever, if she says dadada da over and over she is content things are status quo, if she says baby she means baby,  If she doesn't want something she shakes her head no vigorously and if she is done with whatever she shakes her arms up and down,  She waves hello and good bye, she can hold up one finger for one, she knows where her nose is, she does so big and she smacks the side of head and holds her hand there for OH MY GOODNESS,  Do I sound anything like a doting grandmother.  This kid has me gobsmacked.  

 In the sweater GIGI knit her
 in the 2nd bunny hat, still too big! 



  1. She is too cute! ( i think I've said that before ) I love how that sweater looks on her!

  2. Adorable! (Oh and Maisie's pretty cute too......) lol